Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 2

15 stone 1 - hurrah!

It looks like I've lost 2 pounds of weight. I'm not entirely sure how accurate our scales are (though i do use them on a hard floor) and it depends if I shift my weight on my feet, but it certainly looks like I've lost something.

It may be down to the fact that I've had a cold bug this last week that has affected my stomach (though normally I eat more and exercise less when I'm ill!) but I'll take whatever comes.

Next time we buy cereal I'm going to go for Sultana Bran too, and I'm also planning on getting in dried apricots as snack food.

Target is still to get to or below 15 stone by the end of November. I'll probably be feeling stressed this week due to my big gig on Sunday so that may either hinder or help - due to greater input but maybe greater output too!

I've also got my second set of Pause for Thoughts on local radio to record for next week, and a number of other things to polish off.

Busy as ever.

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