Thursday, October 01, 2009

More blogging?

I'm thinking of returning to blogging. In fact, since I am writing this post, I guess I have returned but it could easily be a one-off (again!). My thoughts are that I could start a new blog with a theme of 'worship stuff'. Yes, I know there are tons more out there on that theme. No, I probably won't be posting world-class material that will outshine everyone else. I probably won't even be very adventurous or 'alt-worship'-y.

But somehow it seems like putting worship materials (sermons, prayers, meditations etc) out here is a safe(ish) thing to do. By that, I mean that one of my reasons for stopping/pausing blogging almost a year ago was the concern that as a minister, you have to be very careful about just what you write and publish (with deep and grateful thanks to those who gave helpful insight to that discussion and thought process!) And if that applied in 'placement-land', it certainly goes double for probation.

But worship is public material anyway. I will either have delivered it or be going to deliver it in some sort of public setting. And feedback on the content (albeit text descriptions cannot do justice to something that may look very different when delivered) would be useful, to hone, prune and generally sharpen up my act!

So the new blog can be found at:
but it's only just started so check back for updates!