Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's that Archbishop again

Dr Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury) was involved in a public discussion with Prof Mona Siddiqui at Glasgow University today (well, yesterday if you're being picky).

Watching it on webcast on a machine with insufficient memory that kept stopping to buffer, and watching it over the tea table was perhaps not the best way to experience it, but among many interesting points was one particular comment.

Regarding the Humanist Society's Bus Campaign, Dr Williams commented on the use of the word 'probably' in their slogan as being a typically English approach (or words to that effect - I don't have a transcript!).

Or a Welsh one, your Grace?

PS My blogging, never as regular or dependable as even a (bendy) bus, may become even more sparse for the next while, as I try and get to grips with this year's academic and other work, and perhaps even re-think what my purpose, motivation and approach to blogging is or should be. So in the meantime, thanks for reading, now go and do something less boring instead.