Thursday, November 18, 2010

Attempting to lose weight

I achieved a relatively significant birthday this month. Not one with a zero at the end, but suffice to say I am one-third of the way towards being 105. (Somehow that sounds better than being half-way to 70).

This fact, along with reading John & Deirdre's blog caused me in a fit of enthusiasm (again) to decide to lose weight.

Step 1: What weight was I on that fateful day? (Helpfully it was a Monday morning, and I had not had breakfast).

15 stone 3. 15 STONE 3!!!!! Argh! I know in the grand scheme of things this may not be too terrible but it's possibly the heaviest that I've known I've been (allowing for the fact that I haven't weighed myself often in recent years). I'd just about accustomed myself to the idea that for the last few years I was hovering around about 14.5 stone, maybe a bit more.

In fact in my 'Learning and Serving Covenant' (a kind of Personal & Professional Development plan for ministers in training) I have had the goal 'Improve Fitness' sitting in the 'Personal' section for the last 2 or 3 years. Largely undisturbed, it has to be said. And as a goal it is neither Specific, Measurable, nor Timebound. As for being Achievable or Realistic... well that remains to be seen.
My supervisor this year has constantly joked and joshed with me about 'outcome number 3', often as I have taken a (second) biscuit. And biscuits are certainly one of my many areas of weakness. I could hoover through a packet in an evening given half a chance. (Though not too often, hopefully - but still it's not unusual for my better half to not have realised a packet had been open only to find that it is fairly well down). On top of that my regular consumption of chocolate, and lately a return to eating crisps and coke (other fizzy black drinks are available) are not good signs, especially having watched this week's Panorama in which John and Deirdre feature. I wish them well, and hope that they can soon rename their blog 'two tenths of a ton couple' or whatever figure relates to their target weights! (Yes I realise it's not a very snappy title...)

So, I thought to myself, I know I don't always have great willpower, and I don't like the idea of paying to join a club to lose weight. How about blogging for accountability. (Leaving aside the obvious that I haven't blogged here for over a year and am unlikely to have any readers at the moment). It's taken me 10 days just to get round to this initial blog post.... not a good sign.

So, I further thought to myself, don't try and make any radical changes straight away, just try to be a bit more sensible. And perhaps I was, maybe not eating as much junk as I might have done. Unfortunately I then went to a lunch/afternoon party my mum threw and ate masses. So much so that I felt ill and indigested, having to wait a bit before feeling able to drive home, and only really feeling better by not eating any tea, and waiting until the next day. Not a particularly good start.

I then failed to remember to weigh myself before the following Monday breakfast. However I did manage to on Tuesday morning and stepped with trepidation on to the scales...

15 stone 3! That's right, I had managed not to put on any weight despite my Saturday binge! I felt a bit pants at the time but with a couple of days retrospect I can claim that as a WIN! It doesn't get me towards my initial target of 15 stone 0 by the end of the month, but I think that is still reasonable and achievable - if only I can resist the idea that the best way to diet is to finish off all the bad foods in the house first.

Wish me luck or pray for me as you feel able...

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