Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lurkers, Memes and 10 things I'll never do

It seems that last week was 'De-lurking Week', or so a few bloggers have claimed (well, Brodie and John at least).

As I'm a generous soul (possibly - watch this space for the Deadly Sin post...), lurkers have extra time on this blog to post a comment and 'de-lurk'. I confess, blogger though I am, I lurk a lot - usually feeling pressed for time to write reasoned and thoughtful comments (or ones that are humourous enough) but here and now (probably until the end of January, if you like) there are no limits, just give me your name (assumed or real, your choice), and something about yourself if you want - location, blog, whatever. I note we've recently had a Hawaiian visitor so if you pop back, 'Aloha' and make yourself at home.

I'm still relatively new to the blogosphere, and learning my blogiquette, but I get the feeling that I have been very bad. Nick over at Learning to Walk tagged me with what I understand is called a Meme (do I sound like an oldster or what?) over a month ago, and I haven't yet responded. This particular meme is '10 things I'll never do'. My first response was that it was a waste of time/space and too much like these email chain letters you get, but given that my whole blog might fall under the first category, that's no excuse, and the second, well nothing's actually being sent so it's not using up bandwidth everywhere it goes, and furthermore no-one is telling you that terrible things will happen if you don't respond... so here goes (in no particular order):

1) Stop being a nit-picker
2) Use the word 'never' without questioning whether there might be any exceptions
3) Stop reading books, novels, magazines, cereal packets...
4) Stop loving my wife
5) Stop loving my son
6) Stop loving & following Jesus (imperfectly, in this phase of life)
7) Be entirely organised
8) Be a morning person
9) Stop enjoying science fiction
10) Be able to come up with 10 other bloggers who haven't already been tagged

In light of number 10, I may restrict my taggees to 5 (as the above-mentioned John has done here) but beyond that, if you're a lurker or other visitor, why not consider yourself tagged and either post your 10 things in a comment, or leave a comment to link back to your blog.

In the meantime I tag:

1) The Magic Porridge Pot who hasn't blogged for a while...
2) Brash by name... likewise may be offline or just lurking?
3) Looking for my Fig Tree - why is it all my blog-tacts have (temporarily?) stopped blogging? Was it something I posted?
4) New eyes - highly recommended blog of life in Rwanda
5) TJ's miscellaneous thoughts - a blog that I found highlighted on Blogger's front page (as with 4) and am starting to read and even interact with - it's good to expand your own blog-horizons!


John Smulo said...

I don't know if I can be called a lurker because this is my first time dropping by :-)

My name is John and I'm in California. Thanks for dropping by my blog as well. I'm looking forward to reading more of what you have written.

Jeff said...

Jeff from Arkansas here! Thanks for the comment over at my blog too!

Great to hear from you and looking forward to reading more.

Coxy said...

Glad to see you got round to it!! I've been blogging a year now, and your post contains what you say is bloggers language but I have never heard of most of it. I'm so un cool and out of the loop. Help put me right!!!

Nodrog said...

hey john & jeff, thanks for the comments!

coxy - mostly I just make it up. I'm good at sounding like I know what I'm talking about... (why do you think I got away with preaching on 'a theology of pool' on Monday?)

Johnny said...

Thanks for the tag ... I don't know what it is, and it didn't make anything happen in my email box, but its nice to be thought of ... even if that means I'm clearly one of the few who wouldn't have been tagged by anyone else. I've been out of sight a while, because well this is me getting round to blog stuff after all the other stuff I got to do and its past midnight and I got a job in the morning (sniff). Missing the blogworld though .. maybe someone tell me what a meme or a tag is?